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Are You Struggling in Empire & Allies?

http://i98.photobucket.com/albums/l248/ryo_106/empires-and-allies-generic-screen.jpgI have been a huge fan of Facebook games ever since I began using it two years ago. The best games that I have played came from the company Zynga, who games are the best and most played in Facebook. When Zynga announced the launch of Empire & Allies, I did not take it seriously. Since I had seen the huge success of CityVille among Facebook members, with more than 90 million users, I thought that Zynga will not be able to repeat that success story. How much hardship can be brought into the building of an empire? I naturally figured that all the hype about Empire & Allies was just another gimmick to entice players to try thegame. However, when I saw that several guides were sprouting like mushrooms for this latest game from Zynga, I started wondering about this game . When I went through the report that around 9 million people had flocked to Empire & Allies in the first 10 days, I was very impressed. I realized that there must be something in Empire & Allies that is making it stand out. So I then got my hands dirty and played thegame.
When I actually started playing Empire & Allies, I understood the complexity that had gone into the making of this enchantinggame. You are required to make lot of decisions and that too very fast on the immense options available in this novel game. You’ve to construct various buildings like houses, cottages, huts, industrial buildings and government establishments. You’ve to delete roads and save spaces for the buildings. You’ve to mine different ores like gold, silver, platinum, iron, etc. You’ve to keep watching what your neighbors have put up for sale and grab the best ones. You’ve to utilize all your resources like wood and oil and trade them successfully to build cash. You should learn all about invasion, combat, and battle. You should understand the subtle but dangerous strategies of the ‘Dark Alliance’ and device your own techniques to counter them. I learnt that all these can be achieved only if I mastered the Empire & Allies Secrets guide authored by Tony ‘T Dub’ Sanders. You can also overcome your struggle in Empire & Allies with this useful guide.
Empires and Allies Bot

So yeah, this site not only caters for Empires and Allies Cheats and Hacks, we're introducing bots too! Yey for us! New games usually takes time before programs are created to hack it but on the case of Empires and Allies, as early as now, we already found two bots available online. Unfortunately, both bots are being sold for $10 USD each. So in order to give you guys a review of these programs, we coughed up $20 and used the bots to give you guys a review of them.
But worry not, in the very near future, we are sure that and Empires and Allies Bot that is free to use will eventually come out and we will surely inform you on this site when it does. So don't forget to like us on facebook to receive updates regularly. Enough talk now. Here's the Empires and Allies Bot reviews:

1. The Botoholic Empires and Allies Bot

This is the second bot that I bought actually. I decided to share this with you first because in my opinion this is a better bot than the next one that I will show you and that the creators of this bot are more prefessional in terms of site, information about the product, etc.

The Information below are taken from their site:



What does this bot do? Automatically Picks up rewards, Automatically visits all your friends, Tons of rewards with each visit, Shares rewards with friends, 100% Undetectable, Free Updates for Life

NOTE: I'm just reviewing this bot for the viewers of this site. I don't know the owners of this bot and they are not paying me anything to do areview of their product. 

2. Hotnoob Empires and Allies Bot

I am giving an honest review here based on my experience. When I bought the bot from this site, I was excited since it was the first bot that I found. I bought it immediately and was also disappointed immediately. The site does not provide any explanation for first time users on what the bot does and how to really use it. The owner provided a video on how to use the bot but the video seemed to have been created for someone who understands how the bots works in general. When you ask the creator for a proper instructions, he will give a comment hinting that you seem a bit stupid for not understanding how a bot works. But like I said, this is based on my experience. You might get a different one. Check this bot HERE.

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